Sustainability, skills to develop to transform your company

30 May 2023

Written by: Valentina Zajackowski, ,

AXA Climate has published a new whitepaper exploring how organizations can work toward making “every job a green job” by reimagining existing roles and adopting new ones. 

The paper, entitled ‘Sustainability, the skills to develop in order to transform your company’, is published in conjunction with LittleBig Connection, and showcases testimonials that demonstrate how corporate leaders have transitioned their own roles to support sustainability initiatives, and inspire transformation across their organization. 

A whitepaper aimed at helping companies identifying opportunities to develop green positions for CSR.

It features interviews with 14 professionals involved in the sustainable transition of their organization and provides perspectives from a range of sectors.  

The first half of the whitepaper profiles six professionals who have evolved their role within their organization to meet the emerging demands of corporate environmental sustainability. The second half offers the perspectives of individuals who find new ways to support transformation goals within their defined roles. 

Inspire organization, provide perspectives & concrete best practices.

At a time when the gap is widening between the need for skilled labor in sustainable development and the number of qualified people available, the whitepaper serves to:

  • Inspire organizations to launch or amplify their sustainable transition with real-life examples of organizations that have successfully added sustainability-focused roles;
  • Provide organizations with perspectives and concrete best practices to help create new business strategies to serve their overall sustainable transition.

Antoine Yeretzian, Development & Partnerships Director for AXA Climate, adds: “The mission of AXA Climate and  the Climate School is to provide all employees with the keys to understanding and acting. This whitepaper illustrates one of our strong convictions: ecological redirection can only succeed by changing each individual facet of an organization. A global approach, at the heart of our Climate School, which can be found through each of the testimonials in the whitepaper.”

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