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    Reducing our negative impact on the planet is not enough. Our collective challenge is to switch from extractive companies to regenerative companies.
    To that end, we are transforming our business models, our organizations and our collective missions. And this transformation movement drives us.

    We are changing the paradigm: our companies are living beings, nested in the living world.

    We provide over 40 hours of digital training content to major companies, which are eager to support their employees in the evolution of their professions.

    We provide consulting services to the agri-food, industrial, financial and public sectors to help them successfully adapt to climate change and biodiversity loss, in a regenerative way.

    We empower decision-makers to address climate adaptation by building science-based and data-driven SaaS products.

    Using the best of satellite imagery, we insure businesses and vulnerable people to provide financial support within hours when they suffer from natural disasters.

    Did you know that you can assess climate change's impact on your agri-food business and test adaptation strategies? Learn more!

    You can take a look at our convictions about regenerative business, and spread them around you.

    We welcome talents, wherever they come from, to grow with us, and share our living culture, our values and our rituals.

    We write scientific articles to feed your thoughts. We react on social networks to make you react.

    We are more than 200 passionate and committed people in Paris, London, Zurich, Miami, Sydney, Shanghai, Hong Kong and New Delhi, Let's talk!

    We are moving forward!

    PS: Would you like to be part of the transition towards regenerative business?

    Join us!


    We enable companies to upskill and engage all employees to succeed in the sustainable transition, through an online learning experience, covering 8 different professions in 8 different languages.
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    We assess climate, biodiversity, carbon risks and suggest adaptation measures to create positive interactions between the planet and our corporates.
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    We provide fast financial recovery after natural or climate-related disasters (tropical cyclone, flood, drought…), with a specific expertise in agriculture.
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    Our SaaS Products provide decision-makers with innovative softwares to support climate risk management, with an expertise in finance and agriculture.
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    Work with us!
    Are you a Product Manager, a Climate Consultant, a Business Developer, a Risk Analysts, a Front-end Developer, or an Underwriter … passionate about climate and environmental issues?
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