How about we start 2024 by exploring science in a way that goes beyond numbers?

9 January 2024

Written by: Ana Pachon, ,

We tend to quantify the environment. Temperatures, percentages, statistics, rates. Yet, the experience of nature is primarily sensory. What if science was told differently than through numbers?

Climate change does not concern our measuring tools!

It raises, above all, the question of our survival. So, as we embark on this new year, with composers Roland de Cazotte and Ghislain Chavanne, we wanted to make you feel the fragility of nature and the responsibilities it entails.
Let’s allow ourselves, this time, a more primitive approach to nature. Let’s try not just to observe nature but to truly listen to it and capture the rich soundscapes of the world.

Our gift to you is this composition

An aesthetic and moving translation of the numerical data that testify to our influence on nature. What you will hear is the initial harmony, its disruption due to an industrial revolution, the frenzy of growth, and then a sonic window into the future and hope of finding a new balance.

May this piece of art accompany you into the new year. May it be a regular pause, a sensory detour to remind your mind that the body also receives information. May it foster a reconnection with the planet whenever you feel the need.

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