AXA Climate collaborates with Bande Organisée Studio on ad campaign to launch new content series

6 March 2023

Written by: Ana Pachon, ,

To launch a new climate content series, the ad campaign consists of three short videos that use humor and modern-day scenarios to highlight how widespread the subject of sustainability is.

The ads draw on humorous situations including incorrectly talking about chicken farts producing greenhouse gases or colleagues sharing naked nature baths and cycling to generate electricity. Their objective is to engage with sustainability and communications professionals within large B2B organizations and demonstrate that there’s an accessible way to engage employees around sustainability challenges.

The LinkedIn advertising campaign is launching Climate Brief from AXA Climate. Climate Brief is a content series that consists of three seasons of six five-minute episodes and aims to engage employees, from the least-informed to the most sustainability-savvy. The subscription-based product is white-labelled and helps organizations educate employees around the different layers of sustainability issues within businesses, encouraging sustainability behavioural change through clever captivating content.

The conviction behind the ad campaign and Climate Brief product is that all companies need to engage more with sustainability, especially employees disengaged with environmental issues.

AXA Climate training Vice President, Antoine Poincaré, says: “Climate Brief is a complementary offer to our original Climate School training. It helps to engage employees within organizations around sustainability in a different way, specifically those employees that are harder to reach. Our resources make it easy to engage colleagues in the long term, before or after they complete a training program. We enable the organizations we work with to become more environmentally sustainable at every level with accurate content that is smart and engaging.”

Michael Kuperberg, CEO at Bande Organisée Studio, continues: “Organizations are increasingly looking for ways to engage their workforce and generate buy in to serious initiatives like the sustainable transition. Climate Brief rivals traditional internal communications tactics by taking a light-hearted, humorous approach to engage employees in the first instance. We were thrilled to work with AXA Climate on the project.”

Topics in the Climate Brief content series include helping ‘eco-anxious’ colleagues, climate change and biodiversity. Accessible at any time, on any device, the bite sized content has been created by experts in collaboration with the AXA science team and is easily digestible but scientifically sound. Each Climate Brief episode is available in English and French.

Through Climate Brief, AXA Climate has found a way for organizations to engage their workforce in a serious subject to support long term sustainability goals. For more information please visit

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